UV+ME came about during the pandemic. The client was looking for a way to capitalise on the concern for cleanliness due to the spread of coronavirus. Their business operations had taken a financial hit due to the lockdowns and they were looking for an opportunity to keep them afloat.

We discussed a range of ideas that could address people’s concerns and settled on UV products as a means to address the concerns centred around coronavirus. Portside proposed a new venture entitled UV+ME along with an e-commerce website that would sell UV light related products. The products would be specifically designed to address day-to-day concerns about cleanliness and the spread of the virus.



Logo design

After agreeing on the name we provided a number of logo designs which were simple and modern. The challenge with the logo was that it needed to be simple and recognisable as it would at some point be used to brand the UV products.

Keyword research

Once the client had agreed on a set of products and sitemap for the website we conducted a substantial amount of keyword research. The would underpin the website content and inform any PPC campaign that might be run in the future. The UV related keywords were sorted into workable groups that new content could be written for.

SEO copywriting

Using the keyword research as a foundation we wrote the SEO copy for the entire website. This included products, product categories and supplemental content to aid buying decisions. Portside used dedicated SEO copywriting documents to ensure it was thoroughly written. SEO for each page was finished off using a Wordpress SEO plugin.


We conducted substantial keyword research to help UV+ME understand people’s concerns around coronavirus.

E-commerce web design

For the website we used a pre-designed Wordpress theme that was further customised to meet the needs of the client. Woocommerce was used for the e-commerce facility and the client used PayPal to process orders. Portside further customised the product pages with extended product descriptions and additional graphics to better help visitors make an informed buying choice.

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