Street Fit have been a client for close to 10 years. In that time we have designed and re-designed their website, provided graphic design services for all their marketing materials and updated their promotional and educational videos. The existing website platform had reached breaking point with no end of user and client frustrations. The client needed something that could grow exponentially.

When the client got in touch they were looking for a new e-commerce website that would also allow subscribers to sign-up for access to exclusive video content and training materials. Street Fit would then go on to train new recruits to hold dance fitness classes in their local area. The new website would be a part of a new marketing drive to popularise the dance fitness brand.

Street Fit flyer

We designed a range of eye-catching double-sided flyers to help promote the business at street level.

E-commerce web design

With 100’s of pages, blog posts, videos and products the new website needed to be carefully considered. We combined Wordpress, Woocommerce and a subscription facility with re-restricted content access as the foundation of the new website. All content was pulled from the existing website into documents and catalogued, along with images, videos and user accounts.

We planned the website using wireframe designs and included the client in every step of the process. Primary pages such as the home page, shop, blog, video catalogue and subscriber accounts were planned and designed before development took place.

Along with Street Fit clothing, users could purchase subscriptions and digital downloads that would help them develop their dance skills and market their classes. Additionally, you could also purchase an instructor training session to become accredited.

Drupal to Wordpress

There were around 1000 existing user accounts with varying levels of access and purchases. This data needed to be synced with the new website to ensure any existing customers would enjoy similar levels of access and their purchase history remained.


The flyers were designed for Street Fit instructors to hand out in their local area.


Local instructors were provided with a media kit that included business cards, flyers and other marketing materials.

Graphic design

During our time managing the Street Fit brand we were charged with designing all the marketing materials for both online and offline campaigns. This included graphic design of pop-up banners, business cards, e-book covers, flyers and social media promotions.

Typically, the client would provide an outline brief and give us full creative autonomy to fulfil it.

Video production

Vital to the Street Fit brand, video was used widely across the website and in subscription accounts. Portside were instrumental in the editing and formatting of around 70 videos to be deployed on the website.

We also created static and animated graphics to illustrate the concepts and topics discussed in the videos.

Additionally we also created a Street Fit DVD that contained a range of introductory and dance move videos. The DVD would be sent out as part of a media welcome pack for new Street Fit instructors across the country.

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