Leisurequip initially came to us looking for a backlink analysis. What they ended up with was a comprehensive re-think about how they generate leads and conduct their business online.

The company have a huge history in the sauna and steam industry. They were the first official supplier and installer of Tylo sauna & steam products.

When the client contacted us they were in complete despair. Their online presence was fragmented and generating almost no business for them. What’s more, they were wasting thousands of pounds every month on poor performing Google Ads.

Their existing SEO company was significantly overcharging and delivering abysmal results. The client knew something had to be done to save the business. By the end of our consultation they were convinced they needed a complete brand overhaul and new online presence.


Originally Leisurequip were running 2 websites, one with Yell.com which was their main site and their blog which was sitting on the Google Blogger platform. This meant their customers could come from either source and were impossible to track.

Not only that, the client was managing and posting content to the blogger blog. With poor knowledge of SEO the client was unaware he was actually harming his rankings by exact match cross linking to the main website.

  • Business site (Yell.com): We pulled off all the old content and mapped out the website structure in a spreadsheet. Each page would then be mapped to the equivalent page on the new website. Notorious for damaging customer relations, Yell.com (rebranded to hibu) were always going to be difficult about releasing Leisurequip. After much wrangling we eventually got access put in redirects.
  • Blog (Blogger.com): Again we pulled off and documented the old content, post tags, images and URLs. All the content was dated and put into a format that would make it easy to re-post on the new platform.


Because the client originally had 2 separate websites on different domains, redirecting to a third domain was always going to be hugely important for SEO. The main website was fairly straight forward to add all the redirects to the .htaccess file.

First we captured the blogger post ID using a JavaScript blanket redirect to leisurequip.com

Blogger URLPost ID captureFinal URL

Then we redirected those blogger post ID’s on to the correct page.

.htaccess redirect
Redirect 301 /2779786321480132207 /evenley-clients-bespoke-home-sauna-barrel-rolled-ceiling/

Unfortunately the Google blogger platform doesn’t allow the same level of server access so we had to come up with something unique. After brainstorming a few ideas and countless hours of research we finally coded a solution.

The blogger redirect solution involved injecting a JavaScript routine into the blog header. This beautifully clever piece of code would re-direct each blog page to the new site using the unique page ID of the blog post. We then captured the unique ID’s and re-directed them using 301 in the new .htaccess file.

Leisurequip steam essence icon

We took the 3 lines from the original logo and used it to illustrate wellness through steam.

Logo design

For the logo we went back to basics. With Leisurequip being over 40 years old the client had access to a trove of historical documents and scribblings. Hidden in all of this were some old drawings of the original logo and related ephemera.

We took aspects of the original logo and worked them into the new one. The end result gave a nod to the company’s history whilst being perfectly suited to use in the modern digital landscape. The 3 wavy lines became the essence of steam and we brought forward the orange to connote warmth.


After lengthy consultations we agreed that the new website would need to be thoroughly rewritten from both a copywriting and SEO perspective. This was necessary as the old website was incoherent and the current SEO was very poor quality.

For each page we created a dedicated SEO document that would help the client understand the processes behind the scenes. After a significant amount of keyword research, and juggling about of the previous content we set about rewriting everything.

Our SEO copywriting process covered every aspect of the content including page titles, descriptions, headlines, body text, post tags, images and URL structure. Any poor quality pages were expanded on, signed off by the client and added to the site.


Bringing complex wellness products to an e-commerce platform posed significant challenges. Portside implemented various add-ons to the Woocommerce platform to allow for product customisation and complex variations.

We coupled this with custom product and category templates for a more granular level of control over individual products and brands. We also implemented EU wide shipping options with multiple product groups for weight and size.

The Leisurequip shop offered over 350 complex products, many of which such as home saunas were £5000 or more. Furthermore, Portside implemented a range of trust signals and conversion tactics to overcome customer hesitancy is purchasing high value products online.


Penalty recovery

As the client knew very little about SEO and backlink building they had paid a company to build 10’s of thousands of spammy backlinks in the hope that it would increase their search positions. Consequently, we had to conduct a complete backlink analysis and prepare a Google Disavow file.

Recovering from the Google penalty was successful, and we implemented everything in parallel with the launch of the new website.

From the client

“Leisurequip approached Portside after we lost a lot of traffic from our old website because of Google updates and out of date technology. Initially we wanted a backlink audit undertaken on the old site thinking it was the only problem

Portside performed a complete SEO analysis that included our keywords, content writing, news blog integration, meta tags, page titles, images and so on. We agreed the old site was not working well in the natural listing and reliant solely on Google Ads for leads.

After several months hard work our new site went live and within weeks we had some page one natural listings for our keywords. The natural rankings have continually increased as the site presence grew, with further work being done with our backlinks, SEO analysis and the switch from http to https.

We have been so impressed with Portside we have kept them on to be our chosen website management team. They constantly overlook, monitor, improve and update our website. I would highly recommend Mark and his team at Portside for bringing us our new found success and maintaining our online presence.”

client photo - Kenton MannKenton Mann | Director

Blog posts

As part of our on-going management of Leisurequip we also provide regular blog posts on researched topics. Doing so has proved invaluable for bringing in extra traffic, as well as targetted traffic. As a result we have increased their daily visitors from less than a 100 to between 400-500.

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