Part of an offshoot of Street Fit, Hip Hop Tots is a dance class concept aimed at pre-school children. The classes involve a range of fun and engaging activities for small children from dance to nursery rhymes, reading and so on. When the client reached out they were at the concept stage and had just commissioned a range of illustrated characters to support the concept.

Portside consulted with the client over the content of the classes and how design might play a part. Together we agreed on a range of activity ideas to help make the classes more enjoyable and entertaining for participants.

Hip Hop Tots characters


Logo design

As part of the requirement we agreed to design a simple and fun logo based on the 3 characters. We used a simple brush-style font and created a number of variations with and without the characters, in full-colour and black and white. The final logo design was prepared for print and web is a range of formats.

Website design

With a limited budget for the website, we agreed to implement a pre-existing Wordpress theme. The theme pre-designed to appeal to children with illustrated backgrounds, fun icons, lots of colours and so on. We took the theme and re-designed and re-coloured aspects to suit the Hip Hop Tots colour scheme.

To save money the client sourced the Kids Life Wordpress theme which we modified to better fit the Hip Hop Tots brand.

To save money the client sourced the Kids Life Wordpress theme which we modified to better fit the Hip Hop Tots brand.

Additionally we added a small e-commerce section that would allow the client to sell class memberships, branded apparel flash cards, CD’s and more. Kids and parents could visit the website to learn more about the Hip Hop Tots characters and download free colouring sheets.

Hip Hop Tots dance-move-cards

Graphic design

To support the launch of the business we were charged with designing a range of fun marketing materials. The aim was to help extend the classes and engage participants. These covered such things as stockers, flash cards, dance move cards, colouring sheets, music CD, e-book and more.

There was also a requirement for business stationary such as business cards, letterhead and alike.

Flash cards

Part of the range of ideas we agreed on included 2 sets of flash cards. The first set of flash cards would illustrate the characters. We added their history, likes and fun aspects of their personality. Secondly we created an extensive pack of dance move flash cards. This fun card collection would illustrate a range of hip hop style dance moves that would be combined together to create a full dance sequence.

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