Gravy Train Bingo, along with a number of other websites was operated by Lucky Media. The client would earn commission from sign-ups to their online games and affiliate commission when they signed-up on other websites. When the client got in touch a number of their websites had been hit with a Google Penalty which was assumed to be around poor quality backlinks.

Portside conducted a number of checks on their websites, including Gravy Train Bingo to ascertain what the issues were. It transpired their initial suspicions were correct so we proposed a complete backlink audit and analysis.




Backlinks were sorted into easy to understand groups such as domain, url and anchor text.

Backlink auditing

We pulled off backlink data from multiple sources including Google Search Console and Ahrefs. These were then combined and any duplicates removed. We then used various tools to asses them. Once complete a spreadsheet was compiled with all the live Gravy Train Bingo backlinks left over.

  • Google backlinks: 2146
  • Ahrefs backlinks: 1961
  • Live backlinks: 1935

We provided extensive data on a myriad of key factors for each link such as incoming backlinks, outgoing backlinks, anchor text, live status, page rank, domain rank, index status and so on. This was all filterable in an Excel spreadsheet.

Summary findings were as follows:

  1. Large volume of low quality links
  2. Large volume of links on content recognised by Google but not indexed
  3. Links placed on duplicate platforms with similar content
  4. Many links placed on low page authority URL’s
  5. Large volume of exact match anchor text
  6. Many domains containing multiple backlinks
  7. Pages containing multiple backlinks
  8. Pages containing multiple backlinks with differing anchor text

Disavow submission

We used the backlink audit data to prepare and extensive Google disavow file, following procedure carefully and consistently. This text file was then uploaded via the Google Search Console.

Google penalty recovery

Within a number of weeks the client had seen significant gains on many keywords. As a result it was clear the analysis had been successful. The client was extremely happy and more work followed on another of their websites Summit Casino.


Keyword research

In addition to the backlink analysis the client asked us to conduct extensive keyword research relating to their sector. We also used this keyword research to take a snapshot of the clients’ search rankings before and after the backlink audit. The client was provided hundreds of keywords and their search positions for each phrase.

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