As we’ve seen with so many companies that want to get online, GraphicHub came to us with a Wix website that was left unfinished for over a year. The inherent problem with designing your own website when you are not a web designer will always be a lack of experience in the field.

Of course, these types of self build website services always bend the truth somewhat. In our experience less than 1% of self build websites using platforms such as Wix ever become suitable for the business needs of the individual making it.

In fact in a study conducted by Ahrefs they found only 0.06% of all Wix websites receive more than 100 visitors a month. With that in mind we proposed to GraphicHub close their Wix account and allow us to build a professional lead generating website which we would host and manage.


Keyword research

With no Google Search Console data to run with we had to conduct in-depth keyword research in conjunction with localised assumptions. For example; we might assume that if people are searching for ‘vehicle graphics Cardiff‘, they might also been searching for the same in Newport. With spreadsheet in hand we discussed the website structure, services and how this would relate to the search data.

Local SEO

Taking the lead from the keyword research we created a set of service pages. These pages would highlight a range of top level services and a further sub-set. Due to a limited budget there was no scope to create the website we suggested. As a result, local SEO was pushed back to a less than preferred position.

That being said we still managed to ensure the website would rank locally for a range of important searches.

Soft branding

In order to design the website we had to solidify the GraphicHub colour scheme, typography and general approach to design. Whilst the client did use a particular font for the logo, much of the colours and fonts used elsewhere were incidental.

GraphicHub logo icon

We liaised with the client to provide a soft set of branding guidelines. These would help them keep their visual identity coherent in the future. This included typography, extended colour scheme and a set of icons. Icons were to be used to illustrate their core services on other platforms such as social media.

Web design

With a limited budget we created a clean and simple website that would showcase GraphicHub core services. It was also important to urge visitors to get in touch. Service pages included image galleries and further sub-set service images to help visitors identify with the services better.

We used the Wordpress platform along with a customisable theme and extra plugins. Leads were captured via contact page form with inline CTA on most pages.

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