Global Promotional Solutions are a long term client who has benefited from a wide range of internet marketing, web design and SEO services. Their core proposition is a range of customisable products targeted at events and promotions.

Note: This requirement is currently on-going with a new website and logo update underway.

Initially the client reached out to us after being subject to a Google algorithm penalty. This resulted in their website losing search positions for a significant portion of their keywords.

The client had suddenly lost all their traffic and leads and needed a solution fast. Through an extensive consultation, SEO audit and Google penalty recovery we helped them back into the ranking positions they had enjoyed previously.


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SEO audit

The client had been hit by one of the many Google algorithm updates for over optimised backlinks and poor quality content. To deal with this we conducted a full backlink analysis and assessed the on-page content for a number of factors.

We also moved the client to another domain to ensure all penalties were completely removed. Furthermore, we also re-structured the website to make it much more SEO friendly. This also included a complete overhaul of the internal linking structure and naming conventions for the images. All algorithm updates since have resulted in no additional penalties and the site continues to rank well for important keywords.

SEO copywriting

Part of the problem for Global Promotional Solutions was that they had little to no content on their website pages. Consequently search engines saw no reason to deliver the website to their users. We added high-quality, valuable content that was informative to both visitors and search engines.

Website design

With the existing website the client was generating leads via optimised landing pages and a call-to-action. Many of the products on offer were highly customisable and therefore difficult to translate to e-commerce without substantial investment in custom development.

That said, we engaged in a lengthy consultation where we examined the constituent parts of a variety of product families and variations. Portside then conducted extensive research to find out what out-of-the-box entry level product customisation solutions were available on the market.


As part of an on-going requirement we are helping Global Promotional Solutions modernise their brand.


We identified and implemented a solution that would work in conjunction with Wordpress and Woocommerce. This enabled the client to expand beyond landing pages and into taking customer orders online. Portside created a new design your own section that targeted fresh keywords and opened up the accessibility of the customisable products.


The client has a mid-sized website and after looking through the on-page SEO it was clear it was completely outdated and inconsistent. The client had been doing a lot of the on-page SEO themselves. Sadly, what might have worked 3 or 4 years ago was no longer enough.

We tipped the on-page content into dedicated SEO documents where it was comprehensively re-written. All this was part of an on-going small business SEO service we were providing the client. On an on-going basis we would make content amendments, track keyword positions, add new content, build backlinks and generally improve their on and off-page SEO.

From the client

“We have been using Portside for our website design and SEO for the last eighteen months and would like to thank them for all their efforts. During that time they have increased our Google rankings significantly, provided us with varied ideas and practical solutions to improve both our website design and search engine positions.

We are enjoying the benefits of their work through higher click through rates and more business enquiries and would not hesitate to recommend their professional services.”

David Taylor - Global Promotional SolutionsDavid Taylor | Director
Global Promotional Solutions

Agreed keywords would be tracked weekly for ranking position fluctuations. Over the course of a number of months we significantly improved their rankings. The end result was more leads and more sales.

Website management

As part of our commitment to our clients we provide on-going website management services. This covers all major and minor updates, security patches, caching, new content and content amendments. Global Promotional Solutions benefits from all of these services.

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