There are a fair few sales aggregation websites in the UK. This is thanks in no part to platforms such as AWIN and Datafeedr. When the client came to us they were initially looking for SEO services to help their existing sales affiliate website gain some traction in the search engines.

Portside provided a range of keyword research and SEO copywriting for their product category pages. During our general consultation we agreed to create a roadmap document for success that would cover everything the client needed to bring their existing idea to maturation.

As a result of that process the client decided a fresh start was needed and asked us to build them a new sales aggregation brand and website. Out of that process came the Get it for less idea and website.

Get it for less mobile-mock-up

Logo design

With a name like Get it for less designing an appropriate logo was always going to be a challenge. After plenty of research and 100’s of roughs we opted for something simple and geometric. In the end we placed the first less of each word into a shopping bag style square and the GIFL logo was born.

Keyword research

Underpinning the SEO was a substantial volume of keyword research. Portside conducted research on hundreds of topics from TV’s to trainers, bathrooms to baby walkers and more. The data was tipped into dedicated spreadsheets and pivoted into groups to help conduct granular research. We also looked a ranking difficulty to help find low hanging fruit.

SEO copywriting

With hundreds of topics to cover we wrote around 120,000 words. Knowing search engines, we understood that unique, well-written, informative content would the website launch significantly. Every product category and brand page was written in a dedicated SEO document which contained the keyword group, page title, meta description, headline, body copy and so on.

The SEO copywriting was further enhanced using a Wordpress SEO plugin for implementation on the website. Additionally we also wrote the website copy for the home page, brand story and resources sections.

Website design

For the website we used a combination of Wordpress, Woocommerce, Datafeedr and custom development. We had to strip back aspects of Wordpress and Woocommerce as the website needed to be fast loading and to accommodate 100,000 products or more.

Every day the website was set-up to import new products on sale from 100’s of retailers in the UK. These products would be fed into related product categories, tagged and the relevant product meta added to each product page. The end result was a sales aggregation e-commerce website that show the latest sales from 100’s of big name brands all sorted into categories.

Furthermore, we installed a product filtering system that would automatically pick up new product meta, plus a live search bar. When Get it for less visitors found a product they liked they could click the buy now button and be forwarded to the website where the deal originated to complete the purchase.

Get it for less devices-display


Launching a new website can mean a lengthy wait for organic traffic from SEO. Because of this we put together a low CPC Google Ad campaign, coupled with a Facebook PPC campaign to build up a following. Using the vast keyword research we already had, we focussed on deal related generic searches that would be low cost but still be useful in building a Get it for less subscriber base.

Backlink building

As part of our on-going SEO efforts we put together a backlink building campaign that would focus on brands and product categories that were already ranking well on the site launch. This saw rankings increase further with a slew or targetted organic traffic following.

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