2020 Dreams is part of a network of businesses operated by NJA Enterprises. The owner has been a client of ours for around 10 years, and in that time we have designed a number of websites, brochures, display banners, promotional videos, leaflets and more. Routinely we re-design and update all their online collateral, marketing materials, and provide cost conscious solutions for all their online and offline media needs.

Along with 2020 Rising we were asked to re-design the 2020 Dreams website to ensure the design was modern and the information accessible. Included in the requirement was to update the company brochure, design book covers for Amazon and add a small e-commerce facility to the new website.



We also designed a range of book covers that had to meet Amazon publishing standards.

2020 dreams mobile-mock-up

Website design

We designed a catalogue style website that would hold the 2020 Dreams extensive range of educational workshops. These workshops each have their own pages detailing the contents of the workshop along with calls-to-action, testimonials and brochure download element. Total size of the website was around 180 pages including the blog, workshop and product pages.

The website was designed to work across all devices with a small e-commerce facility bolted-on. With the e-commerce facility it was designed to accommodate the purchase of both hard copy and digital downloads of educational resource guides written by the client. Notably, the website design framework was to be re-purposed for use on other NJA Enterprises websites.

Book covers

To accompany the educational workshops and to supplement the teacher training aspect of the business, the client wrote a number of publications. These resource guides were also to be published on the Amazon platform. Portside liaised with the client to design a range of low cost book covers that conformed to Amazon publishing requirements. The covers were also re-purposed to be used in the website shop.


Brochure design

Supplementing the website, the 2020 Dreams brochure contained information on an extensive list of educational workshops. This was then sent to a number of educational establishments and schools across the country. Around 50 pages in size, the brochure was A4 in size and to be designed for print publication.

Furthermore, the brochure would be re-formatted for download from the website and small enough to be sent via email. We updated the brochure every year with new workshops and information.

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 19-57-10 PSHE Workshops & Staff Training Programs 2020 Dreams

Video production

As part of the requirement we are also tasked with producing an animated talking head video. The presenter was filmed against a green screen background which was removed in post production. Next we isolated the presenter on a white background and accompanying text and graphics were added to illustrate the key points being made. Finally, we formatted the video for use on the home page of the 2020 Dreams website.

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