Keyword Research Newport

Discover what your potential customers are searching for and reveal hidden opportunities with SEO keyword research. Create a master document to help drive your business.


Keyword Research Newport

Discover what your potential customers are searching for and reveal hidden opportunities with SEO keyword research. Create a master document to help drive your business.


Why research search terms relating to your market?

If you want to get ahead with an expert SEO strategy you’re going to need keyword research. There’s no other way to gain crucial insights into your target market online without understanding the search queries of your audience. Whether it’s for local SEO, or across the country, a master keyword research document will be the foundation of your strategy.

Furthermore, you cannot target anyone with internet marketing techniques such as pay-per-click without know what people are searching for. As a result, every business that is serious about SEO must conduct advanced keyword research.

Portside will conduct extensive research on your target market, unearthing hidden opportunities that will help your online business get the edge. Your keyword research master document will ensure your website is targetting every possible opportunity for growth.


Key features of our keyword research service

Extensive research

We use a combination of tools from multiple sources that can unearth a treasure trove of search terms. You’ll also get related questions people ask which are key to creating useful and informative pre-sale content.

Master document

All the research we conduct is tipped into a spreadsheet and pivoted into key groups. These detailed groups can be used for product descriptions, services, categories, blog posts and pay-per-click advertising.

Rankability metrics

Crucial to ensuring smart SEO moves, we’ll run tests on all your keywords to understand how difficult they might be rank. Doing so ensures your online opportunities are unmissable.

Associated questions

Understanding what people are searching for crucial. However, you can gain the edge even further by answering their questions first. Our research will unearth the pre-sale questions related to your keywords.

Search volumes

If you want to gain the edge in search there are 3 components you need to know. What people are search for, how many people are searching for it and how difficult it is to rank your content.

Variation assumption

For local search terms that have extremely low volumes the likes of Google will give you no data at all. With variation assumption we can create related keywords we assume to be relevant to your website.

How important is SEO keyword research in Google?

of all website pages never receive any traffic from Google
of all searchers only click one of the top 5 results in Google
of all people never click on a second page result in Google

We think it would be fair to say those stats are simply incredible.


What our clients are saying about us

“We have been using Portside for our website design and SEO for the last eighteen months and would like to thank them for all their efforts. During that time they have increased our Google rankings significantly, provided us with varied ideas and practical solutions to improve both our website design and search engine positions.

We are enjoying the benefits of their work through higher click through rates and more business enquiries and would not hesitate to recommend their professional services.”

David Taylor - Global Promotional SolutionsDavid Taylor | Director
Global Promotional Solutions

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Primary benefits of researching SEO search terms

Market insights

Having a more complete understanding of your market potential is invaluable to any business. Researching your keywords will provide you with key market insights to help focus and concentrate your efforts.

Low hanging fruit

Once you have your master SEO keyword document you can target the low hanging fruit with ease. Knowing what people search for and how easy it is to rank for those keywords is invaluable to your business.

Search intent

Who, what, why, where, when? You’ll be able to create search intent content with ease, answering the myriad of pre-sale questions people ask before they buy or make and enquiry.

Targetted SEO

Any great SEO strategy is reliant on keyword research. Together with full knowledge of search intent and rankability factors you can create a targetted campaign with lest risk and greater ROI.


Keyword research we’ve delivered for Newport clients

  • Newport Truck Park


    Newport Truck Park

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  • Leisurequip



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  • Newport Denture Clinic


    Newport Denture Clinic

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Keyword research frequently asked questions

Firstly you’ll need to research the actual search terms. This can be done with any number of SEO tools, including those provided by Google and Bing. Secondly, you’ll need to create keyword clusters or groups that thematically link similar search queries. Thirdly, and finally you’ll need to gather information on rankability metrics. This ensures your efforts are not wasted on difficult to rank keywords.

As our name suggests, Portside are a Newport based SEO and online marketing company. We provide a myriad of both digital and print based services from our workshop. Consequently, you can visit us or we can meet with you to discuss your requirement. So if you’re searching for keyword research Newport—search Portside.

Call us on: 01633 762 808 to discuss your project.

They can are are. Very often we use the same keyword sets to inform both paid advertising and SEO campaigns. For example; you may want to target a particular group of search terms with ads. To do this effectively you’ll need relevant pages on your website that are optimised for the same queries.

Some people will tell you a keyword is a keyword, if it brings in traffic what’s the difference? This is only true on a very basic level. If you look closely there are variations that need to be approached differently.

Here are a few keyword of the most relevant types:

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Commercial
  • Transactional
  • Long tail
  • Low competition
  • Niche
  • Branded
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary

As you can see, each type of keyword can be approached differently with different types of content.

The foundation of any SEO strategy begins with keyword research. Portside have over a decade of experience conducting research and putting it into action using expert SEO strategies.