SEO Copywriting Newport

Rank, engage and convert with our unique SEO content writing service. Properly researched, professionally written content that considers both humans and algorithms.


SEO Copywriting Newport

Rank, engage and convert with our unique SEO content writing service. Properly researched, professionally written content that considers both humans and algorithms.


Drive traffic and engagement with SEO copywriting

Rich, thoroughly researched and well written content is an absolute must. However, without correct targetting of specific search queries you’ll never reach your audience. That’s where SEO copywriting steps in. Taking on board the needs of both readers and algorithms, SEO copywriting with increase your traffic, engagement and ultimately sales and leads.

When your website content, blog posts, product descriptions and so on are written from an SEO perspective everything is considered. This includes your headline, sub-headlines, images, text, tone of voice, videos, internal links, external links and more.

As a result your website will be putting its best foot forward in terms of rankability and engagement. Product descriptions will drive more sales, service pages will drive more and website in general will drive more traffic.


Types of SEO content writing provided by Portside

Blog posts

Establish your company as a thought leader, answer pre-sale queries, review products and engagement prospects. Portside will create rich, well researched blog posts that will bring in high quality organic visitors.

Product descriptions

Differentiate your website from the competition with rich product descriptions loved by search engines and people. Our SEO product descriptions will fully explain features and benefits whilst targetting multiple keywords.

Website pages

Unless you’re website copy is search engine optimised you’ll never get organic visitors from Google, Yahoo or Bing. You’ll even need SEO copywriting if you are running a PPC campaign to increase relevancy and reduce CPC.

Press releases

Stop the press! At least before you consider SEO possibilities before you release. Your company news is an opportunity to target branded queries, products and services and should be keyword researched before written.

How important is SEO keyword research in Google?

of all website pages never receive any traffic from Google
of all searchers only click one of the top 5 results in Google
of all people never click on a second page result in Google

We think it would be fair to say those stats are simply incredible.


Key benefits our SEO copywriting service Newport

Drive traffic

Our SEO copywriting service will drive more organic traffic to your website. Whether it’s local SEO in Newport or on a national basis we’ll discover opportunities to reach your target audience in the search engines.

Increase sales

There’s no better method of increasing your sales via the search engines that with organic clicks. Visits are far more likely to result in a sale if you’re in a top 3 position than if they click on an ad.

Engage prospects

Your prospects may be looking for pre-sales questions to be answered, products to be reviewed or services to be explained. Our SEO content creation will target them in the search engines without compromising quality.

Generate leads

SEO copywriting for service pages will help you generate high quality leads month after month after month. You’ll generate even more leads when it’s used in conjunction with conversion optimisation techniques.

Reduce bounces

When you’re connecting with the right target audience the chances of them leaving without reading are decreased. This in turn reduces bounce rates and gives your website a better standing with the search engines.

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What our clients are saying about us

“Leisurequip approached Portside after we lost a lot of traffic from our old website. Initially we wanted a backlink analysis thinking it was the only problem. Portside suggested we build an entirely new search optimised website.

We have been so impressed with the results we have kept them on to be our chosen website management team.”

client photo - Kenton MannKenton Mann | Director


SEO content writing we’ve delivered for clients

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SEO copywriting frequently asked questions

This is dependant on a number of SEO factors. For example; if you target a keyword that is highly competitive and the SERP is already packed with high quality websites and content your chances of going straight to the top are low. Whereas, if you target low or mid-competition keywords in a less competitive sector your chances are increased.

We would always recommend in-depth keyword research before your SEO content is created. Doing so will give you a much better chance of reaching your goals.

Unlike many online companies that target SEO copywriting Newport or content marketing Newport with ads, Portside are the real deal. As our name suggests, we are indeed a Newport SEO, print and internet marketing company. Consequently, you get to see us in person, we can meet with you or you can visit us at the workshop.

Call us on: 01633 762 808 to discuss your project.

If your website is already fully optimised, fast loading and with great, well researched SEO content then further SEO copywriting will only enhance things. However, if your website isn’t getting any traffic for other reasons then no, it will not fix your problems.

You need to ensure your existing web design is firing on all cylinders before you invest in an SEO copywriter. When you’re searching for SEO copywriting Newport, search Portside.

It all starts with ensuring your website is ready for high quality content that will drive traffic. If we’re happy that’s the case, we’ll consult with you over your target market. After that we’ll conduct keyword research to try and unearth some hidden gems.

We’ll conduct in-depth research on the topic liaising with your or your team every step of the way, before we get to work on the writing. As a result, you’ll be required to sign off everything we do before it gets implemented on your website.