SEO Competitor Analysis Newport

Discover what your SEO competitors are doing well and how they are doing it with competition research and analysis. Gain the edge in search and start reaching your goals.


SEO Competitor Analysis Newport

Discover what your SEO competitors are doing well and how they are doing it with competition research and analysis. Gain the edge in search and start reaching your goals.


Why would you conduct SEO competitor analysis?

If you’re serious about SEO and feel you’re lagging behind your competitors you’re going to benefit from a competitor analysis. Doing so will not only help you better understand why they are where they are, it will also help you gain the edge in search. There’s a well known phrase we all use; ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer‘. SEO competition research will tame your enemies and unleash the beast in your website.

You can expect to gain insights into:

  • What keywords they’re ranking well for.
  • The volume and quality of their backlinks.
  • How well their website is structured.
  • What the value of their organic traffic is.
  • The quality of their on-page SEO.

What’s more, understanding how your competitors are managing their SEO strategy will unearth a trove of hidden gems. Portside will look at a myriad of ranking factors and provide you with detailed reports. The end result will be the beginnings of an advanced SEO strategy that will put the cat among the pigeons. So for SEO competitor analysis Newport—think Portside.


Key features of our competitor SEO analysis

Search rankings report

We’ll generate a number of reports that provide detailed insights into what your competitors are ranking for. You’ll also learn how your site stacks up against them and how difficult it is to rank top for the keywords.

Backlink auditing

Sometimes the difference between position 1 and position 10 are the number and quality of backlinks. Our backlink audit will provide valuable insights into the quality, quantity and anchor text of their backlink profile.

Content quality report

Using a range of tools we can crawl and analyse hundreds of pages from your competitors websites. You’ll gain insights into content quality metrics, page structures, word counts, keyword density, headlines and more.

Organic traffic value

Once we have a detailed insight into what keywords your competitors are ranking for we can calculate their organic traffic. This in turn helps to calculate the value of that traffic if PPC ads were at the same volume.

Page speed analysis

Your competition is doing a lot of things right, and page speed is one of them. A major factor is user engagement. We’ll analyse their website for numerous technical SEO factors and provide you with actionable reports.


What our clients are saying about us

“We have been using Portside for our website design and SEO for at least the last eighteen months and would like to thank them for all their efforts.

During that time they have increased our Google ranking significantly, provided us with varied ideas and implemented practical solutions to improve both our website design and search engine positions.”

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Global Promotional Solutions

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SEO Competitor analysis frequently asked questions

There are a myriad of benefits resulting from competitor SEO analysis. With detailed reports actionable insights you can create a long term SEO strategy that will outperform the competition on every metric. Furthermore, you’ll gain insights into the weak areas of their SEO giving you opportunity to supersede them in the search rankings for valuable keywords.

When searching for SEO competitor analysis Newport you’ll find many online companies targetting you with ads. As the name suggests Portside are actually based in Newport. As a result you can visit us for a meeting and get to see a friendly face in person to discuss your requirement.

Call us on: 01633 762 808 to discuss your project.

Costs for our SEO competition research vary from client to client. The overall service is broken into components which can be prioritised according to what you wish to know. For example, you may want to know what the keyword rankings are for 10 competitors in comparison to you. Portside will consult with you on your requirement and propose a sensible route to reaching your goals.

Auditing your competitors will provide key insights into their SEO strategies. This information can and should be leveraged by yourself. We can help create a strategy that puts your best foot forward with data driven actions that propel your website closer to your goals.