Small Business PPC Newport

Start leveraging pay per click advertising for your small business. We’ll set you up with a small PPC campaign with regular optimisation for a greater return on investment.


Small Business PPC Newport

Start leveraging pay per click advertising for your small business. We’ll set you up with a small PPC campaign with regular optimisation for a greater return on investment.


Advertise your small business with pay per click

For many small business owners the pay per click arena can often be confusing and time consuming. The amount of times we’ve seen clients squander hundreds or thousands of pounds because they’ve done it on their own is nobody’s business. It’s because of this inaccessibility we’ve put together this entry level small business PPC service.

A step up from our local business PPC, we will consult with you over a range of factors and create a route forward that fits your budget. Factors such as keyword research, SEO amendments, ad copywriting, monitoring and optimisation will all be carefully considered to ensure the best possible returns for your budget.


Key features of our small business PPC Newport

Keyword research

The foundation of any roadmap to online success is keyword research. Portside will create a detailed keyword document that contains hundreds of unique opportunities for connecting with your target audience.

Search optimisation

Many small business owners don’t realise that on-page SEO can significantly help reduce your cost per click and increase conversions. We’ll make sure your PPC campaigns are aligned with your on-page content.

Ad copywriting

Once all your keywords are grouped we’ll write expert ad copy that will capture the interest of your target audience in any crowded marketplace. If need we’ll also create extra content to extend your targeting.

Campaign set-up

We’ll set-up your small business PPC campaigns on the ad platforms of your choosing from scratch. You’ll get a detailed spreadsheet for signing-off that outlines your ad campaigns before they are implemented.

Daily optimisation

Where needed we’ll check and optimise your campaigns daily. This can mean adding new keywords, removing non-performing keywords, changing on-page content and more.

Monthly reporting

Our detailed monthly reports will highlight your successes and where there is room for improvement. We’ll use this data to further improve your campaigns and conversions for greater ROI.


Ad platforms we use for small business PPC

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What our clients are saying about us

“I had just opened up a new martial arts center in Newport and wasn’t getting any leads from my website. I was referred to Portside by a friend and they updated the SEO and copywriting on a few of my web pages.

Within weeks I was getting a steady stream of top quality leads which still continues to this day. They have built 2 lead generating websites for my business and take care of all my online needs. I can’t recommend them enough!!!”

Everton Smith - Newport City Martial ArtsEverton Smith | Director
Newport City Martial Arts

Useful statistics for pay per click advertising

of all users click on ads to find authentic and relevant information
of online shoppers who click on a paid ad call that advertiser
of all users say they have clicked on a Google ad when searching

The stats speak volumes. PPC is viewed positively and delivers a 2:1 ROI.


Small business PPC we’ve provided to Newport clients

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  • Newport Denture Clinic


    Newport Denture Clinic

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  • Get it for less


    Get it for less

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Frequently asked questions

Finding a PPC company that is actually local can be difficult and confusing. There are so many internet marketing companies that target the search term small business PPC Newport with ads and fake web pages. Thankfully, as our name suggests, Portside are indeed a Newport company. As a result you can come to us for a meeting at the workshop or we can come to you.

Call us on: 01633 762 808 to discuss your project.

Simply put, PPC or pay per click works by presenting your proposition in front of potential customers and every time they click your ad you pay a fee. Under the hood things can be a lot more complicated than that.

For example, if not implemented correctly you can hundreds or even thousands of pounds for clicks that are not relevant to your business. A professional PPC management company such as Portside will ensure you are getting a workable ROI. In most instances this is at least 2:1.

PPC is a general term for pay per click advertising systems used across the internet. Whereas, Google Ads are a specific platform that uses a PPC system for advertising your business in the Google eco system. Other platforms include; Microsoft advertising, Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Threads etc…), Tik Tok for business, Reddit and Youtube all use PPC in various forms.

When done correctly, running a Google Ad campaign can be incredibly rewarding and an excellent way to build your business. According to Google average ROI or ROAS (return on ad spend) is 2:1. In our experience it can be a lot higher, especially when you have high value services that are low competition. In instances like that the returns can be 50:1.

This will always be dependant on the size of the campaign you need to run or have the budget for. Portside will consult with you on the best route forward. For example we can work within your budget so that when you are getting a return on your investment we can slowly scale up your campaigns.

That said, we would recommend you set aside an ad spend budget of at least £800 per month for the first 3 months. Additionally, there will be set-up costs of around £600-£700.