PPC Management Newport

Take your pay per click advertising to the next level with PPC management from Portside. Our Newport PPC agency will create, manage and optimise all your online ads.


PPC Management Newport

Take your pay per click advertising to the next level with PPC management from Portside. Our Newport PPC agency will create, manage and optimise all your online ads.


Professional pay per click from Portside

Elevate your online presence with expert PPC Management Newport. Portside create and manage targeted, results-driven ad campaigns that will propel your business to new heights. Our seasoned PPC professionals have expert knowledge of Google Ads, Meta, Microsoft, Youtube and more. We leverage strategic keyword research, compelling ad copy, and data-driven insights to optimise your advertising spend for greater return on investment.

Whether you’re looking to boost sales, increase conversions, or enhance brand visibility, our tailored PPC Agency will align with your unique business goals. If poorly managed PPC can be a risky affair, and can be incredibly costly. Although you will get visitors, you may not get much of a return on your investment. Let Portside navigate the complexities of PPC advertising while you enjoy the benefits of enhanced visibility and business growth.


Key features of our Newport PPC services

Keyword research

The foundation of many pay per click campaigns is understanding search queries. Portside will create a master keyword document that provides crucial insights into the search behaviours of your target market.

Split testing

With any PPC campaign its important to keep testing key messaging, images, design and formats to ensure you can fully maximise your ROI. We’ll split test everything until you’re only running the most effective ads.

Budget control

No-one wants out of control monthly spending when running an ad campaign. We’ll put budget management parameters in place that limit your total monthly, daily and CPC spend.

Conversion optimisation

Managing and optimising your PPC advertising doesn’t just stop at the ads. We’ll also look at your landing pages to ensure you’re getting the best possible chance of converting every visitor into a sale or lead.

Feed optimisation

If you’re running Google ads or similar PPC formats we’ll also make sure your products are optimised for shopping feeds. This will deliver targetted clicks without on-going costs.

Detailed reporting

Our detailed reports and insightful summaries will highlight your successes and where there is room for improvement. We’ll then use this data to further improve your campaigns and conversions for greater ROI.


Ad platforms we use as a PPC agency

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What our clients are saying about us

“I had just opened up a new martial arts center in Newport and wasn’t getting any leads from my website. I was referred to Portside by a friend and they updated the SEO and copywriting on a few of my web pages.

Within weeks I was getting a steady stream of top quality leads which still continues to this day. They have built 2 lead generating websites for my business and take care of all my online needs. I can’t recommend them enough!!!”

Everton Smith - Newport City Martial ArtsEverton Smith | Director
Newport City Martial Arts

Why choose us as your PPC agency Newport?

Decades of internet marketing experience

Our wealth of industry experience will help you make the most of your PPC budget. Whatever your sector, we can create a lasting, cost-effective PPC strategy that is both sustainable and provides a credible return on investment.

Strategic approach to implementation

When we get to work on your pay per click campaign we take a strategic, granular approach. PPC management from Portside is a sensible choice to ensure more traffic, more leads and more sales for your investment.

We a Newport based pay per click company

If you’re searching for a professional PPC management company in Newport look no further than Portside. As a locally based business you can visit the workshop for a friendly chat or we can come to you for meeting.

Complete suite of marketing services

When you sign up with Portside you don’t just get a PPC agency. We can take care of all your internet marketing and promotional needs. As a result, you get an inclusive, holistic approach from a single service provider.


Client examples of our PPC management services

  • Newport Denture Clinic


    Newport Denture Clinic

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  • Leisurequip



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  • Newport Truck Park


    Newport Truck Park

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PPC agency frequently asked questions

Although generally it shouldn’t matter where your PPC agency is located, sometimes it’s both comforting and useful that they are based locally. Thankfully, Portside are indeed based in Newport. As a result you get regular, face-to-face meetings to discuss your requirement. So when your search for PPC management Newport in Google, search Portside.

Call us on: 01633 762 808 to discuss your project.

There has been a lot of discuss around how for example Google Ads operates (or doesn’t) with low budgets. If you’re looking for local or small business PPC we recommend you set a minimum budget of at least £300 per month in ad spend. For e-commerce and nationally targeted ad campaigns we would recommend you have at least £1000 minimum monthly budget.

The cost-effectiveness of Pay Per Click (PPC) vs Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) depends on a number of factors. Both strategies for driving targeted traffic offer unique advantages and considerations.


  • Immediate results: PPC provides instant visibility, and your ads can appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) as soon as the campaign is launched.
  • Budget control: With PPC, you have direct control over your budget, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. As a result costs can be easier to manage.
  • Measurable results: PPC platforms offer robust analytics, allowing you to track the performance of your campaigns in real-time, including clicks, impressions, and conversions.


  • Long-term investment: SEO is a long-term strategy that takes time to build authority and improve organic rankings. It may not deliver immediate results, but its benefits can be sustained over time.
  • Costs over time: While the initial costs of implementing SEO may be significant, ongoing maintenance and optimisation costs are generally lower compared to PPC. The return on investment tends to increase as your organic rankings improve.
  • Organic credibility: Many users trust organic search results more than paid ads. This contributes to the credibility and authority of your brand.

Considerations when choosing PPC or SEO:

  • Competition: The competitiveness of your industry and keywords can impact the cost-effectiveness of both PPC and SEO. Highly competitive industries may see higher costs in both areas.
  • Business goals: Your business goals and timelines play a crucial role. If you need quick visibility and results choose PPC. If you’re focused on long-term growth, SEO can be a valuable investment.

Primarily our customers tend to opt for Google Ads as their preferred PPC advertising platform. That said YouTube, Microsoft, TikTok, Meta (including Instagram and Facebook) and to a lesser extent, Twitter and Reddit are still widely used. Consequently, we have expertise in all these and more. Other notable platforms include POF (Plenty of Fish), LinkedIn, Pinterest and Amazon.