Local Business PPC Newport

Generate interest in your local business using the power of pay per click advertising. Our local PPC service will bring you more leads and more footfall from the people in Newport.


Local Business PPC Newport

Generate interest in your local business using the power of pay per click advertising. Our local PPC service will bring you more leads and more footfall from the people in Newport.


Pay per click services for local businesses

If your local business isn’t generating the level of sales or sign-ups you’d like, you may want to try pay per click advertising. Portside provide a local business PPC service in Newport that will help connect your business with more of the people that matter.

Are you running a Newport restaurant that wants more bookings? Perhaps you’re operating a martial arts centre that wants more sign-ups? Whatever your proposition, geo-targeted local pay per click will put your proposition front and centre of your audience. The end result will be more interest, more leads and a boost to your bottom line.

Local PPC (along with local SEO) is particularly beneficial for businesses with a physical location in Newport. This can be retail stores, restaurants, or service providers aiming to attract more customers. By tailoring your PPC strategy to a local audience, Portside can enhance relevance, improve ad performance, and increase the likelihood of driving foot traffic or local conversions.


Features of our local business PPC Newport

Keyword research

The foundation of most pay per click campaigns is keyword research. We’ll create a master keyword document that will help you target more of the people that matter, more of the time.

Geo-targeted visitors

Our local business PPC means an advertising campaign that will only target people in Newport and the surrounding areas. We’ll make sure the only clicks you’ll get are from the people who can benefit your business.

Lead generation

If you’re looking for more leads for your local services a PPC campaign is a great way to get things going. Often used in conjunction with local SEO, we’ll set-up a lead generating funnel that will target the right people.

Conversion tracking

Understanding what is working and what isn’t is vital to optimising your campaign further. Conversion tracking provides a window into your successes and how we might apply them to other areas of your PPC ad campaign.

Increased footfall

If you’ve got a high street business that needs extra footfall we can create a local pay per click campaign that puts your best foot forward, brings in the bodies and boosts your sales.

Landing pages

Sometimes you may not have the framework in place to run the PPC campaign we think is best for your business. If not we can create conversion optimised landing pages that perfectly synch with your ads.


Platforms we use for local PPC ads

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What our clients are saying about us

“I had just opened up a new martial arts center in Newport and wasn’t getting any leads from my website. I was referred to Portside by a friend and they updated the SEO and copywriting on a few of my web pages.

Within weeks I was getting a steady stream of top quality leads which still continues to this day. They have built 2 lead generating websites for my business and take care of all my online needs. I can’t recommend them enough!!!”

Everton Smith - Newport City Martial ArtsEverton Smith | Director
Newport City Martial Arts

Useful statistics for pay per click advertising

of all users click on ads to find authentic and relevant information
of online shoppers who click on a paid ad call that advertiser
of all users say they have clicked on a Google ad when searching

The stats speak volumes. PPC is viewed positively and delivers a 2:1 ROI.


Local business PPC faqs

You’ll be pleased to learn that we are indeed a Newport based internet marketing company. Unlike many online services that target search terms such as local business PPC Newport with ads, Portside are the real deal. Consequently, we can come to your premises and sit with you to discuss your objectives. You’ll get a friendly face that knows the local area, the people and businesses that reside here.

Call us on: 01633 762 808 to discuss your project.

Local business PPC Newport is a targeted digital marketing strategy designed to place your business in front of a local audience. A local PPC campaign is made up of many components. Here are a few considerations:

  1. Geo-targeting: We’ll specify the geographical location where your ads will be displayed. This can range from targeting just Newport, to widening the radius to the surrounding area and beyond.
  2. Keyword research: Relevant keywords are researched and grouped that reflect local intent. We’ll also incorporate location-specific terms to align with your business, such as plumber in Newport.
  3. Ad creation: We’ll craft creative ad copy that emphasises your local presence. Information such as your business address and phone number will also help people immediately recognise the local relevance of your ads.
  4. Google business: If needed we’ll integrate your local PPC campaign with your Google Business Profile. This ensures that your business information is accurate and aligned with your ads. Ads may also appear in Google Maps.
  5. Ad Extensions: Using ad extensions will provide additional information and enhance the visibility of your ads. Location extensions, call-out extensions, and site link extensions direct users to relevant information on your website.
  6. Tracking reports: Implementing tracking mechanisms ensures we can measure the performance of your local PPC campaign. We’ll monitor metrics such as clicks, impressions, conversion rates, and return on investment.
  7. Social media: Extend your local PPC strategy to social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram both offer location-based targeting options, allowing you to reach specific demographics and interests within your local area.

Whether you’re a restaurant, high street store or even a local coffee shop, PPC advertising can drive more visitors to your place of business.

We’ve worked with many local businesses in Newport to help them leverage PPC to drive more leads and sales. In our experience you would need a minimum of £300 per month to spend on advertising plus our fee for consultation and set-up.

Google Ads is just one platform that offers pay per click advertising. Other include Microsoft (Bing), Meta (Facebook & Instagram), Reddit, YouTube and many others. In principle many of these platforms are the same in that they show your targeted ad, someone clicks on it, and you get charged a fee.