Email Marketing Newport

Engage your subscribers, build lasting relationships or sell your products with email marketing. Monetise your sign-ups with highly effective email campaigns.


Email Marketing Newport

Engage your subscribers, build lasting relationships or sell your products with email marketing. Monetise your sign-ups with highly effective email campaigns.


Innovative email marketing from Portside Newport

If you’re searching for an email marketing company in Newport, look no further than Portside. Using our decades of experience we’ll leverage your customer data to craft tailored email marketing campaigns that resonate at every stage of their journey. Our advanced email techniques will identify whether your subscribers are researching your company or ready to convert into sales.

Portside email campaigns will fuel their interest and deliver the best possible returns for all parties. With decades of experience, we can create eye-catching marketing campaigns for your company that deliver measurable ROI. The end result will be a cost-effective boost to your sales, and sign-ups.

We handle design, messaging, strategy, research, data analysis and reporting. Whether you’re B2B or B2C in Newport, we have the expertise to build highly effective email marketing campaigns with stunning results.


Key features of our email marketing services

Automated campaigns

We can set-up your email marketing campaigns weeks in advance. What’s more, we can automate responses to every types of enquiry made through your online channels.

Personalised messaging

Using segmentation and data analysis we can personalise the messaging in your emails meet individual needs. Portside can also personalise your promotions by age group, gender, interests and more.

Market segmentation

Using market segmentation techniques we can split up your email lists into clearly defined groups. Examples of segmented groups include demographics, age, sex, interests, purchase history and so on.

Journey planning

Through understanding your customer base we can plan various routes to product purchases, service use and subscriptions. We can even help develop personas that will individually reflect your target audience.

Campaign optimisation

Using fresh data from your email campaigns we can further optimise your offers, messaging and so on. Doing this often results in higher open and respond rates, and a great ROI.

Summary reports

Every email marketing campaign we conduct is accompanied by detailed reports containing analytics and insightful summaries. This data can then be used to inform and optimise your following campaigns.


What our clients are saying about us

“We have been using Portside for our website design and SEO for at least the last eighteen months and would like to thank them for all their efforts.

During that time they have increased our Google ranking significantly, provided us with varied ideas and implemented practical solutions to improve both our website design and search engine positions.”

David Taylor - Global Promotional SolutionsDavid Taylor | Director
Global Promotional Solutions

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Frequently asked questions

Unlike many other internet marketing agencies that target search queries such as ’email marketing Newport’ with PPC advertising, Portside are the real deal. We’re a locally based company with offices in Newport. As a result you can meet with a friendly face that knows the area and the businesses within it.

Call us on: 01633 762 808 to discuss your project.

Costs for email marketing depend very much on a number of factors. A simple email campaign can costs as little as a few hundred pounds. Our consultation process will help you understand these factors. This is crucial for budgeting and optimising the overall effectiveness of the campaign. Some key factors that can impact the cost include:

  • List size: The size of your email list directly affects the cost. As your list grows, you may incur higher costs for both subscriber data storage and the delivery of emails.
  • Frequency: Sending more emails more frequently may lead to higher costs. Some services charge based on the number of emails sent, so more frequent campaigns can increase expenses.
  • Features: Additional features and add-ons, such as advanced analytics, A/B testing, automation, and personalisation tools, may come with an extra cost.
  • Content creation: Investing in high-quality design and content for your emails will increase costs. Compelling visuals, copywriting, and ensuring that your emails are mobile-friendly all result in extra costs.
  • Segmentation: Advanced segmentation and personalisation features can enhance campaign effectiveness but come with additional costs. These features allow you to tailor content based on subscriber preferences and behaviour.
  • Integration: Integrating your email marketing platform with other tools and systems, such as  your CRM software, may require additional investments.

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Portside offer Newport companies the creation, management, and optimisation of a vast array  of email campaigns for businesses. These services take on board a myriad of features to streamline the email marketing process, including customisable templates, list management tools and automation features.

Personalisation allows your businesses to tailor emails to individual subscribers, thereby enhancing engagement and relevance. Robust analytics and reporting provide valuable insights into your campaign performance. Furthermore, A/B testing allows for experimentation with messaging and design to conversion optimise your campaigns further.

Additionally, we can integrate your campaigns with other tools, such as CRM systems and e-commerce platforms. The end result will be seamless data flow and a holistic view of customer interactions. If you’re searching for email marketing Newport, choose Portside.