Branding Newport

Step into a world of strategic branding from Portside Newport. We blend innovation with purpose to create powerful brands that will help your business reach its potential.


Branding Newport

Step into a world of strategic branding from Portside Newport. We blend innovation with purpose to create powerful brands that will help your business reach its potential.


Elevate your essence with tailored branding Newport

Bring your brand story to life with Portside Newport. We’ll craft a distinctive identity that will resonate with your target audience and leave a lasting impression. Our strategic brand identity approach begins with a deep dive into your business, understanding its core values, mission, and unique strengths.

Through meticulous research, we identify opportunities and define a clear brand strategy that sets you apart in a competitive landscape. Our team excels in developing compelling brand identities, from eye-catching logos and cohesive graphic design elements to defining a captivating tone of voice.

We prioritise brand consistency across all touchpoints, ensuring a seamless and memorable customer experience. With a focus on innovation, integrity, and customer centricity, we create brands that not only reflect your essence but also foster lasting connections.


Key features of our strategic branding service

Brand strategy

We’ll develop a comprehensive plan that defines your brand’s purpose, target audience, unique value proposition and key messaging. This will guide all aspects of brand development and communication.

Market research

Portside will gather and analyse data relating to your market, including consumer preferences, competitors, and trends. This helps inform business decisions and strategy to meet market demands effectively.

Visual development

The visual and sensory representation of your brand, encompasses elements like logos, colour schemes, and design. We’ll create a distinct, memorable image that reflects your brand’s essence.

Tone of voice

We’ll create a consistent and unique tone of voice that guides how you communicate your brand. Language, style, and personality, reinforce your brand’s identity and help to resonate with your audience.

Brand guidelines

We’ll create a set of general rules to help define how your brand’s visual and messaging elements should be consistently applied. This ensures a cohesive and recognisable brand identity across all channels.


What our clients are saying about us

“Leisurequip approached Portside after we lost a lot of traffic from our old website. Initially we wanted a backlink analysis thinking it was the only problem. Portside suggested we re-brand and build an entirely new search optimised website.

We have been so impressed with the results we have kept them on to be our chosen website management team.”

client photo - Kenton MannKenton Mann | Director

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Core values of our brand identity approach


Upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical behaviour in all business practices demonstrates integrity and builds trust with customers, employees, and other stakeholders.


Prioritising the needs and satisfaction of customers creates customer-centric brand values that deliver exceptional experiences, understanding customer preferences, and build long-term relationships.


Embracing creativity with a forward-thinking mindset drives continuous improvement and the development of new solutions. Innovation can set a brand apart in a competitive market.


We develop brand values that demonstrate a commitment to environmental and social responsibility and seek to minimise environmental impact, promote ethical practices, and contribute positively to society.


Fostering a collaborative and inclusive work culture where teamwork, open communication, and mutual respect are valued strengthens relationships and contributes to the brand’s image.


Examples of our Newport branding service

  • Global Promotional Solutions


    Global Promotional Solutions

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  • Tankology



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  • Leisurequip



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Strategic branding Newport faqs

If you’re looking for branding Newport choose Portside. Unlike many online marketing companies that use Google Ads to target local searchers for brand identity agencies we’re actually based here. As a result you get to meet with friendly faces who can sit with you and understand your business needs.

Call us on: 01633 762 808 to discuss your project.

We use standard methods to measure the success of our branding efforts such as key performance indicators (KPIs). Here are some of key aspects we measure:

  1. Brand awareness:
    • Metric: Surveys, Social media metrics, website traffic.
    • How: Track the level of recognition and awareness your brand has among your target audience. Analyse social media engagement, website traffic, and brand recall through surveys.
  2. Loyalty and retention:
    • Metric: Customer retention rate, repeat business.
    • How: Assess the percentage of customers who continue to choose your brand over time. Repeat business and customer loyalty programs are indicators of a strong brand connection.
  3. Market share:
    • Metric: Market Share Percentage.
    • How: Compare your brand’s market share to competitors in your industry. An increasing market share may indicate that your brand is gaining traction and preference.
  4. Employee engagement:
    • Metric: Employee Satisfaction, Brand Advocacy.
    • How: Assess employee satisfaction and engagement levels. Employees who are enthusiastic about the brand are more likely to become brand advocates, positively influencing external perceptions.
  5. Brand consistency:
    • Metric: Brand Guidelines Adherence.
    • How: Evaluate how consistently your brand is presented across various channels and touchpoints. Adherence to brand guidelines ensures a cohesive and recognizable image.
  6. Website traffic:
    • Metric: Website Analytics (visitors, bounce rate, time on site).
    • How: Analyse website metrics to see if branding efforts are driving increased traffic, prolonged engagement, and reduced bounce rates.
  7. Conversion rates:
    • Metric: Conversion Rates from Marketing Channels.
    • How: Track how branding efforts impact conversion rates across different marketing channels. A positive correlation suggests effective brand communication.

Core elements of brand identity comprise of a range of visual and non-visual elements. Together these elements collectively define and represent your brand.

  • Logo: A unique visual symbol or design that serves as the primary identifier for the brand. The logo is often the most recognisable aspect of a brand’s visual identity.
  • Colour palette: A set of carefully chosen colours that represent the brand. Consistent use of specific colours contributes to brand recognition and can evoke certain emotions or associations.
  • Typography: The selected fonts and typography styles used in brand communications. Typography contributes to the overall look and feel of the brand, conveying a sense of personality and tone.
  • Visual elements: Additional graphics, illustrations, or patterns that enhance the visual appeal of brand materials. These elements contribute to the brand’s overall aesthetic.
  • Photography style: The approach to visual imagery, including the type of photos used, the tone, and the overall style. Consistent photography helps create a cohesive brand image.
  • Tagline or slogan: A concise and memorable phrase that encapsulates the brand’s message, values, or unique selling proposition. It reinforces key brand attributes and aids in brand recall.
  • Stationery and collateral: Consistent design elements across various materials such as business cards, letterheads, and marketing collateral. These materials reinforce the brand identity in both digital and physical formats.
  • Brand guidelines: A set of rules and instructions outlining how the brand identity elements should be used. Brand guidelines ensure consistency across all brand applications.