E-commerce Copywriting Newport

Boost your sales with fluff-free, expert e-commerce copywriting from Portside. We’ll help you differentiate your products and highlight their unique features and benefits.


E-commerce Copywriting Newport

Boost your sales with fluff-free, expert e-commerce copywriting from Portside. We’ll help you differentiate your products and highlight their unique features and benefits.


Cleverly crafted copy for e-commerce stores

In the bustling marketplace of online commerce, every click holds the promise of possibility. With Portside every product description, every tag line, every category is a carefully crafted course toward customer connection and conversion.

E-commerce copywriting at Portside Newport isn’t just about eloquent prose; it’s about crafting narratives that transform casual browsers into committed customers. Why does e-commerce copywriting matter? It’s the difference between a browser and a customer. Every phrase, every snippet, and every call-to-action is a chance to captivate, convince, and convert.

At Portside, we don’t just string words together; we craft narratives that wrap around your product. Elevate your brand with e-commerce copywriting where each word becomes stepping stone towards customer loyalty and the growth of your business.


Key features of our e-commerce copywriting

Brand voice

Portside are no strangers to brand voice having written web copy for big name brands such as BT and Blackberry. We’ll intuitively understand your brand voice and write clever copy that strengthens and expands upon it.

Benefit highlights

The most effective e-commerce copywriting highlights benefits over features. People want to know how your products will make their lives richer and better and our copywriting will show them.

Keyword research

SEO goes hand in hand with online products and categories. We’ll conduct in-depth keyword research to craft the perfect e-commerce SEO orientated copy that will engage both people and search engines.

Waffle free

There’s so much waffle on the web. So much forgettable copy that people have to trawl through every day. With Portside we’ll craft concise copy that will connect with customers and encourage more sales and enquiries.

Low tech

It has been suggested that online copy should be easy enough for an 8 year old child to understand. That’s not always possible, but we’ll make sure you’re copy is jargon free with complex topics easy to digest and understand.


What our clients are saying about us

“It’s been less than 2 months and we’re already on the first page for a bunch of our targeted keywords with some in the top 5 positions and above. Week in week out we are seeing a positive rise in our ranking for our chosen keywords.

We’re already getting plenty of leads through the site and couldn’t be happier – highly recommended!”

Mike TaylorMike Taylor | Webmaster
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E-commerce copywriting Newport faqs

When you search for e-commerce copywriting Newport you can expect to be inundated with ads from all manner of internet marketing companies from around the UK. Thankfully, with Portside you’re getting a web design and marketing agency that is actually based in Newport. As a result you get to meet with us for face-to-face meetings and we can come to you to discuss your needs.

Call us on: 01633 762 808 to discuss your project.

The primary goals of e-commerce copywriting are to engage, persuade and drive visitors to make a purchase. Here are key aspects that e-commerce copywriting typically covers:

  1. Products: Compelling and informative product descriptions that highlight features, benefits, and unique selling points are the mainstay of e-commerce copywriting. When done right they help people to make better informed decisions.
  2. Categories: Concise and engaging content for category and collection pages will help guide visitors to explore and discover products.
  3. Homepage: Impactful copy for the homepage and other landing pages can help capture the essence of your brand. Furthermore, it can communicate promotions, and encourages visitors to explore further.

In essence, the aim is to establish a connection, build trust, and ultimately drive conversions for your e-commerce business.

Yes, effective e-commerce content can indeed contribute to better search engine rankings. Search engines prioritise delivering relevant and valuable content to users. Correctly optimised e-commerce content aligns with these objectives. By incorporating strategic SEO into product descriptions, category pages, and other elements, businesses increase their visibility in search results when users query those terms.

E-commerce content, when optimised for search engines, becomes a key component of a comprehensive SEO strategy, contributing to better rankings, increased organic traffic, and improved overall online visibility.